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I watched you hop on a bus to Austin, eyes on those shit scenes you grew up in then put them out of view. And you found that it takes courage to kill for things that you believe in and all the killing you took part in without regard for your own safety and you lost your head. I really gotta say it's nice to see you, it feels like it's been a lifetime but your hair looks great, you smell the same, you haven't changed at all. But you say that you learned a little thing about separation: you tie one to another and cut the string, it's not just the string, you broke a thing in two. And I understand, we can't really plan. Well, I've been watching the same scenes here, with my body, down in the same place you found us before. But I've been dreaming some strange dreams, tying some new strings, piling up bodies and eying the door.
Face out at the end of the day, this time's nominally mine and I'ma treat it that way. My eyes down through a couple of beers then we're unpacking the bags of things we'd wanted to say. Like, ‘I think our faces are like mirrors.' If we spoke a little clearer we could actually see. But my world's kind of foggy tonight and I'm happy to be moving between pockets of light. Since we can't erase this ocean between what is basically you and what is basically me, if it's alright to ask, what's the resemblance between this balloon-animal-mask and what's underneath?
I'm not going anywhere or doing anything with you tonight because I can't occupy the place—in terms of showing, being shown; in terms of knowing, being known. But when you're in it it's really hard to think, so I just say I don't want to go. Hold me/hold you. Who's holding whom? Left side/right side. Which side has a better view? Subject/object. I don't care, you choose. At our age we don't move like we used to. Now we don't move as freely as we used to, if we ever did. We find it ossified and fossilized long before it ever died. Burn all your notes, we're going deeper into theory.
I feel four time zones away from anything I could want to say. Please don't press your palm to mine and please don't look me in the eye. Because I don't want to talk about it—god damn, I don't know. And I'm feeling kind of tired now, you think you could drive me home? Let's not sit in the car too long we both gotta get to bed. Yeah, it's gonna be a while before we do this again.
I'm getting out of town; I saw an orange leaf last Thursday. My body can't resist the call to pumpkin ales and making pecans into... And the excitement's in my bones. I gotta move, I gotta move, I gotta move. Getting a little cold with someone's a good excuse to get little close to someone, but not this year, when you're always smaller than I remember. I'm going someplace with no falls where you're just as small as I remember.


released December 1, 2014

Recorded by Jackson B. Smith and Palmkite in Northport, NY - 2014

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe at Maniac Mansion

Album Cover by Rory Hamovit

Tapes available here: sorrygirlsrecords.storenvy.com/products/11251404-palmkite-2011-cassette


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Palmkite Northport

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